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TargetedSegmentListParameterOptimizerResults Properties

The TargetedSegmentListParameterOptimizerResults type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompletedSuccessfully
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the operator run completed successfully.
(Inherited from TargetedSegmentListOperatorResults.)
Public propertyConverged
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the optimizer converged.
Public propertyFinalSegmentsResults
Gets or sets the SegmentListResults of the segments propagated after the operator was executed.
(Inherited from TargetedSegmentListOperatorResults.)
Public propertyIdentifier
Gets or sets the definition of the operator that ran.
(Inherited from TargetedSegmentListOperatorResults.)
Public propertyOptimizerResults
Gets the function results of the optimizer.
Public propertyParentConfiguration
Gets the configuration of the TargetedSegmentList that the operator was a part of. The configuration is a mutable object, and it is possible that an operator made some change to it or a copy of it. This must return the configuration that the propagator should use after running the operator that made this set of results. If no changes were made to the configuration, it should return the configuration that the operator was given.
(Inherited from TargetedSegmentListOperatorResults.)
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