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AGI.Foundation.Navigation Namespace

Contains types useful in modeling navigation processes which utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS).
Public classConfidenceInterval
Provides confidence interval multiplier methods. Confidence interval multipliers are necessary to convert one sigma values generated by statistical navigation error predictions into a more meaningful scale. For example, a statistically predicted position error (a three dimensional quantity) has a one sigma confidence value of approximately 20%. To convert that one sigma value to a 95% confidence, it must be multiplied by a certain value. This class provides the multiplier values necessary to get to a specific confidence interval.
Public classConstantGpsReceiverNoiseModel
Reports a constant value for the total noise in any GPS receiver when receiving a signal from any GPS satellite.
Public classDilutionOfPrecision
A dilution of precision (or DOP), including North (NDOP), East (EDOP), Vertical (VDOP), Horizontal (HDOP), Position (PDOP), Time (TDOP), and the overall Geometric (GDOP). This class also contains static methods to compute DOP.
Public classGpsLineOfSightVector
A vector describing the line-of-sight from a GPS satellite to a GPS receiver at the time of reception according to IS-GPS-200D. This vector takes into account the rotation of the earth during the signal propagation time.
Public classGpsReceiver
A Global Positioning System receiver.
Public classGpsReceiverExtension
An extension that associates a GpsReceiver with a Platform.
Public classGpsReceiverHelper
A collection of helper methods for working with GpsReceiver and related types.
Public classGpsReceiverNoiseModel
A model for the noise at a GPS receiver when receiving a signal from a GPS satellite.
Public classGpsSatelliteExtension
An extension that adds information and behaviors specific to Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.
Public classGpsSatelliteInformationExtension
An extension that adds information about a GPS satellite.
Public classNavigationAccuracyAssessed
The NavigationAccuracyAssessed class calculates navigation accuracy based on Performance Assessment File (PAF) Data.
Public classNavigationAccuracyPredicted
The NavigationAccuracyPredicted class calculates navigation accuracy based on Prediction Support File (PSF) Data.
Public classNavstarISGps200D
A collection of constants from the Navstar Global Positioning System Interface Specification, IS-GPS-200 Revision D.
Public classRaimOptions
Options for computing ReceiverAutonomousIntegrityMonitoring (RAIM) outages.
Public classRaimOutages
Describes the Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) outages for each flight phase.
Public classReceiverAutonomousIntegrityMonitoring
Computes Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) outages.
Public classSatelliteGlobalUserRangeError
Describes the Global User Range Error (URE) for a GPS satellite.
Public classSatelliteUserRangeError
Describes the User Range Error (URE) for a GPS satellite.
Public interfaceIGpsPrnService
A service that provides the GPS PRN number
Public interfaceIGpsReceiverService
A service that provides a GPS Receiver.
Public interfaceIGpsSatelliteInformationService
A service that provides information about a GPS satellite.
Public interfaceIGpsSatelliteOutageService
A service that provides information about when a GPS satellite is unavailable or unhealthy.
Public enumerationAccuracyCalculationPersona
Type definitions for the accuracy calculation persona. The persona defines how the evaluator will react when it encounters no data for a given satellite or too few satellites are available during a navigation accuracy calculation.
Public enumerationConfidenceIntervalVariableDimension
Signifies the dimension of a variable for the confidence interval calculation.
Public enumerationDilutionOfPrecisionOptimization
The Dilution of Precision (DOP) value to optimize on for Best N solutions.
Public enumerationDilutionOfPrecisionType
An enumeration defining the type of Dilution of Precision (DOP).
Public enumerationGpsReceiverSolutionType
Enumeration defining the Solution types available for a receiver.
Public enumerationNavigationAccuracyAssessedType
An enumeration defining the type of assessed navigation accuracy.
Public enumerationNavigationAccuracyPredictedType
An enumeration defining the type of predicted navigation accuracy.
Public enumerationNavigationBlockType
Defines the Global Positioning System satellite blocks.
Public enumerationRaimFlightPhase
The flight phase definitions for use with ReceiverAutonomousIntegrityMonitoring (RAIM).