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LinkBudgetScalars Properties

The LinkBudgetScalars type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBitErrorRate
Gets the bit error rate.
Public propertyCarrierToInterference
Gets the carrier to interference ratio.
Public propertyCarrierToNoise
Gets the carrier to noise ratio.
Public propertyCarrierToNoiseDensity
Gets the carrier to noise density.
Public propertyCarrierToNoisePlusInterference
Gets the carrier to noise plus interference ratio.
Public propertyEffectiveIsotropicRadiatedPower
Gets the effective isotropic radiated power.
Public propertyEnergyPerBitToNoiseDensity
Gets the energy per bit to noise density.
Public propertyLinkName
Gets the name of the link producing these scalars, if available.
Public propertyPowerAtReceiverOutput
Gets the power at receiver output.
Public propertyPropagationLoss
Gets the amount of propagation loss.
Public propertyPropagationLossPerModel
Gets the amount of propagation loss per propagation model, if available.
Public propertyReceivedIsotropicPower
Gets the received isotropic power.
Public propertyReceivedPowerFluxDensity
Gets the received power flux density.
Public propertyReceiverAntennaGainInLinkDirection
Gets the receiver antenna gain in the link direction.
Public propertyTransmitterAntennaGainInLinkDirection
Gets the transmitter antenna gain in the link direction.
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