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KeplerianElements Properties

The KeplerianElements type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArgumentOfPeriapsis
Gets the argument of periapsis of the orbit, in radians.
Public propertyEccentricity
Gets the eccentricity of the orbit.
Public propertyGravitationalParameter
Gets the gravitational parameter used for this element set (distance cubed per time squared).
Public propertyInclination
Gets the inclination of the orbit, in radians.
Public propertyOrbitType
Gets the type of orbit represented by these elements.
Public propertyRightAscensionOfAscendingNode
Gets the right ascension of the ascending node of the orbit, in radians.
Public propertySemimajorAxis
Gets the semimajor axis of the orbit (distance).
Public propertyTrueAnomaly
Gets the true anomaly of the orbit, in radians.
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