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NumericallyComputedMultivariableFunctionDerivativeResults Properties

The NumericallyComputedMultivariableFunctionDerivativeResults type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDifferenceMethod
Gets which difference method was used to compute these results.
Public propertyFunctionResultsUsedToComputeDerivative
Gets the results of the function that were computed at the perturbed values of the variables.
Public propertyJacobian
Gets the evaluated Jacobian.
(Inherited from SolvableMultivariableFunctionDerivativeResults.)
Public propertyValidPerturbations
Gets a value indicating whether the perturbations are valid. If they are not then consider halting whatever operation is evaluating these results.
Public propertyValue
Gets the results of the function at the nominal values of the variables.
Public propertyVariables
Gets the variables that the Jacobian was evaluated at.
(Inherited from SolvableMultivariableFunctionDerivativeResults.)
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