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J2Propagator Properties

The J2Propagator type exposes the following members.

Public propertyGravitationalParameter
Gets or sets the gravitational parameter of the central body around which to propagate.
Public propertyInitialConditions
Gets or sets the orbital elements from which to propagate. Setting the initial conditions on this property will also update GravitationalParameter.
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether this object is frozen. A frozen object cannot be modified and an ObjectFrozenException will be thrown if an attempt is made to do so.
(Inherited from DefinitionalObject.)
Public propertyJ2ZonalHarmonicCoefficient
Gets or sets the non-normalized J2 zonal harmonic coefficient of the central body around which to propagate.
Public propertyOrbitEpoch
Gets or sets the Julian date at which the InitialConditions are specified.
Public propertyReferenceDistance
Gets or sets the reference distance (equatorial radius) associated with the J2 coefficient.
Public propertyReferenceFrame
Gets or sets the reference frame in which the ephemeris is produced.
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