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SurfaceProcedureConnection Properties

The SurfaceProcedureConnection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnection
Gets or sets the strategy to use when connecting the previous procedure with the next. This determines the behavior of how the initial and final headings change as the initial and final points change.
Public propertyEntryToNextConfiguration
Gets the result of configuring the entry into the next procedure.
(Inherited from ConfigurableConnection.)
Public propertyExitFromPreviousConfiguration
Gets the result of configuring the exit from the previous procedure.
(Inherited from ConfigurableConnection.)
Public propertyFinalHeading
Gets the final heading of the connection, in radians.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionFinalHeading.)
Public propertyFinalPoint
Gets the final point of the connection segment.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionFinalPoint.)
Public propertyInitialHeading
Gets the initial heading of the connection, in radians.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionInitialHeading.)
Public propertyInitialPoint
Gets the initial point of the connection segment.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionInitialPoint.)
Public propertyIsValid
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this is a valid connection to the previous and next procedures.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionIsValid.)
Public propertySurfaceDistance
Gets the total distance traversed by this connection from start to finish, in meters.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionSurfaceDistance.)
Public propertySurfaceShape
Gets the shape of the reference surface upon which the surface geometry is defined.
(Overrides ConfigurableConnectionSurfaceShape.)
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