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Scene Class

A Scene provides properties and functionality that are reflected in the rendering of the Insight3D control that it is associated with. An Insight3D control's Scene is available from the Insight3D.Scene property. Any changes that are made to a Scene will only affect the rendering of the particular Insight3D control it is associated with. The static SceneManager class provides global properties and functionality that apply to all Scenes and thus affect the rendering of every Insight3D control. A Scene has a Camera, and various properties for changing the visual state of the scene and its CentralBodies, including changes to Lighting. To render a particular Scene, use the Render method. To render all Scenes, use use the SceneManager.Render method.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Graphics
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Graphics (in AGI.Foundation.Graphics.dll) Version: 20.3.405.0 (20.3.405.0)
public sealed class Scene : IDisposable

The Scene type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAntiAliasing
Gets or sets the multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) option for this scene. As the level of anti-aliasing increases, performance will generally decrease, but the quality of the anti-aliasing will improve.
Public propertyBackgroundColor
Gets or sets the background color of the scene.
Public propertyBalloon
Gets the Balloon for the scene.
Public propertyCamera
Gets the Camera associated with the scene, which affects the view that is rendered by the scene.
Public propertyCentralBodies
Gets the CentralBodyGraphics for a specified CentralBody.
Public propertyFogDensity
Gets or sets the density of atmospheric fog drawn around the CentralBody when the Camera is close to the ground. Values range from 0 (no fog) to 1 (full fog).
Public propertyGlobeOverlaySettings
Gets the SceneGlobeOverlaySettings for the scene.
Public propertyLighting
Gets the Lighting associated with the scene.
Public propertyShadeSkyBasedOnAltitude
Gets or sets whether the sky will be shaded based on Camera altitude. When ShadeSkyBasedOnAltitude is set to true, the sky will become more blue as the Camera gets closer to the surface of the CentralBody.
Public propertyShowAtmosphere
Gets or sets whether the atmosphere will be drawn around the CentralBody.
Public propertyShowStars
Gets or sets whether stars are shown or hidden in the scene.
Public propertyShowSunshine
Gets or sets whether sunshine is rendered by the Sun CentralBody. Sunshine renders a halo effect around the sun when it is viewed in the scene.
Public propertyShowWaterSurface
Gets or sets whether water surface on earth is shown or hidden in the scene.
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Public methodPick
Executes a pick at the given x, y and returns a depth sorted collection of picked objects. The coordinate origin is top, left. To pick screen overlays, use the PickScreenOverlays(Int32, Int32) method.
Public methodPickRectangular
Executes a pick in the given rectangular region and returns a depth sorted collection of picked objects. The coordinate origin is top, left. To pick screen overlays, use the PickScreenOverlays(Int32, Int32) method.
Public methodPickScreenOverlays
Executes a pick on screen overlays at the given x, y and returns a front to back sorted collection of picked overlays. The coordinate origin is top, left. To pick other objects in the scene, use the Pick(Int32, Int32) method.
Public methodRender
Renders the scene. To render all the scenes within an application, use the SceneManager.Render method.
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Public eventRendering
Raised when either Render is called on the scene or Render is called on the SceneManager. The event occurs immediately prior to rendering the scene.
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