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NanuType Enumeration

The possible types of Notice To NAVSTAR Users (NANUs) issued.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation.DataReaders
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation (in AGI.Foundation.Navigation.dll) Version: 24.1.418.0 (24.1.418.0)
public enum NanuType
  Member nameDescription
FCSTDV Forecast NANU for a Delta-V Maneuver on a satellite.
FCSTMX Forecast NANU for maintenance on a Satellite.
FCSTEXTD Forecast NANU for extending the outage on a Satellite.
FCSTSUMM Forecast NANU summarizing the outage for a NANU. The issuing of this NANU type will typically move an outage from the PREDICTED category to the HISTORICAL category.
FCSTCANC Forecast NANU for cancelling and outage for a Satellite.
FCSTRESCD Forecast NANU for rescheduling an outage on a Satellite.
FCSTUUFN Forecast Outage with no specified end date. Issued when there is extended maintenance or testing required on a satellite and no end date can be determined prior to the start of maintenance.
UNUSUFN UNUsable Until Further Notice NANU. Typically issued when there is an unforeseen problem with the satellite. This NANU type will be associated with a current outage in the SOF.
UNUSABLE Unusable NANU. This NANU type summarizes a UNUFSUN NANU and will move an outage from the CURRENT category to the HISTORICAL category.
UNUNOREF Unusable with No Reference NANU. This NANU acts just like the UNUSABLE NANU, except that the outage was such that there is no UNUSFUN to reference as the NANU to summarize.
USABINIT Usable Initialization NANU. This NANU signifies that a given satellite is available for use.
LEAPSEC Leap Second NANU. This NANU indicates that a leap second will be forthcoming.
GENERAL General NANU. This NANU is used to send text information not covered by the other NANU types.
LAUNCH Launch NANU. This NANU is issued when a new GPS satellite is launched. The satellite will usually not be usable until a USABINIT NANU is issued.
DECOM Decommissioning NANU. This NANU is issued when a GPS satellite is decommissioned.
NONE Use this type if the outage did not result from a NANU.
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