Possibility Definition

A possibility is a series of one or more resources that are capable of satisfying the resource requirements of a task. Each resource in the possibility must be simultaneously available during the execution time of the task.

How Possibilities are Derived

Possibilities are derived from the string contained within the Resource Constraints Textbox located on the Resources Required Tab of the Task Definition Form. Possibilities are created when you complete the Resource Constraints Textbox and clicks the Create Possibilities button. If the string validation completes successfully, the task's possibilities will be created.

Possibilities will only be created if the Create Possibilities button is clicked. If this button is not clicked, no possibilities and, therefore, no timeslots will be created. Without timeslots, the task cannot be assigned.

Tasks may have more than one possibilities. Each time an OR is used to separate resources in the Resource Constraints Textbox, a possibility is added. For example:

"ResourceA" AND ("ResourceB" OR "ResourceC")

Produces two possibilities.

ResourceA, ResourceB

ResourceA, ResourceC

Assigning Possibilities to a Task

When the schedule deconflictor is run, STK Schedule will attempt to assign a single possibility to the task (if the task does not allows handovers). In the case where a task has multiple possibilities, STK Scheduler will attempt to select a possibility based on:

  • Resource Availability
  • Scheduling Windows
  • STK Access (where applicable)
  • Resource Priority
  • Timeslot Desirability

On the Duration Tab of the Task Definition Form, if the duration is specified as allowing handovers, STK Scheduler will assign multiple possibilities to the task as necessary to maximize the task duration.