Assigned Definition

Assigned is a property of tasks. It signifies whether or not the task has been given a place in the schedule. Newly created tasks are initially not Assigned. A task becomes Assigned when it is prescribed a start time, a duration, and a resource assignment. The start time is simply the time during the planning period in which the task will begin. The duration is the length of time necessary to complete the task. (It defines the task's stop time). The resource assignment is the resource possibility that will be reserved to complete the task during its execution time.

The assignments status of a task may be determined by editing a task and viewing the Assigned Checkbox on the Status Tab. Alternatively, the icons next to each task listed in the Table View will give a quick overview of the assignment status. A green icon indicates the task is assigned. A black icon indicates it is not. (See also, Task Assignments).

Tasks may receive assignments in two ways:

  • Automatically, using the deconfliction engine
  • Manually, by editing the task

Assigning Tasks Using the Deconfliction Engine

Tasks may be automatically assigned by running the Schedule De-conflictor.

The scheduling engine will only assign tasks to available timeslots if:

  • Resource and task conflicts can be avoided
  • The task is not Deferred
  • The task is not Locked

All other tasks will remain not assigned.

Under most circumstances, a task will have only one assignment. However, if the duration is specified as allowing handovers on the Duration Tab of the Task Definition Form, the task may have multiple assignments.

Assigning Tasks Manually

Assigning a task manually allows you to specify the task's start time, duration, and resource assignment. To manually assign a task, edit the task and then check the Assigned Checkbox located on the Status Tab. On the same tab, check the Lock/Override Checkbox. Use the Add button to add a new assignment or the Edit button to edit an existing assignment.

The start time and duration of an assigned task may be modified while it is locked from the Gantt Chart by using the mouse to drag and drop the green task assignment bars. If Auto Validate is ON, as specified on the STK Scheduler Configuration Form, a Schedule Validation will be performed, and the schedule status will be updated accordingly.

Manually adding or modifying an assignment may cause a schedule violation. Be sure that the schedule status indicates Validated prior to using the schedule to manage your real-world resources. See Schedule Validation for more information.