SWVL new Cesium.MeasureViewModel(options)

A widget for making ephemeral measurements.
Name Type Description
options Object An object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
scene Scene The scene
units MeasureUnits MeasureUnits.METERS optional The units of measurement


Gets and sets whether the measurement toolbar is expanded.
Default Value: false

instructionsVisible : Boolean

Gets and sets whether the instructions are visible.
Default Value: false

readonlymeasurements : Array.<Measurement>

Gets the array of available measurement types.
Gets the scene.
Gets or sets the currently selected measurement. This property is observable.
Default Value: undefined
Gets the selected unit of measurement.


Destroys the widget view model.


true if the object has been destroyed, false otherwise.
Resets the widget.
Toggles the state of the toolbar.
Toggles the visibility of the instructions panel.