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Cesium Demo

This application demonstrates a client-server web application which uses DME Component Libraries on a server to perform analysis, and Cesium Analytics SDK in a web browser to visualize the results of that analysis using CZML. It also includes demonstrations of each of the specialized graphical features available in Cesium Analytics SDK.

To simplify the application and minimize dependencies, this application uses ASP.NET Web Forms to create a simple web service. Please note that use of DME Component Libraries, and the capabilities being demonstrated, are not specific to ASP.NET. DME Component Libraries can be integrated with Cesium Analytics SDK using any web application framework.

The application also contains a small custom user interface to make it easier to explore the visualizations. This user interface is built using Knockout.js because it is already included in Cesium. As above, note that the capabilities being demonstrated can be used in any front-end framework.


This example demonstrates visualizing various types of DME Component Libraries objects and analysis, and the advanced graphical capabilities of Cesium Analytics SDK, including:

  • A satellite propagated from a TLE

  • Access between a satellite and a ground station

  • Using a link to target a satellite from a ground station

  • An aircraft propagated from waypoints

  • Azimuth-elevation mask visualization

  • Access between an aircraft and a ground location constrained using a azimuth-elevation mask

  • glTF 3D models for the satellite, facility, and aircraft

  • Satellite orbit paths and aircraft flight paths

  • Vectors showing the body axes of the satellite and the Sun vector

  • Sensor volumes on a ground station and an aircraft, a sensor dome, and a rotating sensor

  • Dynamically changing a glTF model based on analysis, to rotate the solar panels of the 3D satellite model to point at the sun

Cesium Demo
Cesium Demo

The source code files for the application can be found in the DME Component Libraries install at Examples\CesiumDemo\.

Note Note

This example requires Cesium Analytics SDK, which is included with a DME Component Libraries license, and can be downloaded from AGI's download site.

Unpack the contents of the Build\Cesium directory from the Cesium Analytics SDK package into the Examples\CesiumDemo\Cesium directory before building and running the example.