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Example Applications

The following example applications illustrate the use of various DME Component Libraries features. Each application is included as source code in the DME Component Libraries installation. See each topic for more information about that particular example application.




This tutorial takes you step by step through the process of using DME Component Libraries to develop a Windows application in Visual Studio.

Satellite Tracker

This web application generates ground tracks on an embedded Google map, as well as ephemeris tables, for a user-selected satellite viewed from a user-defined location during a user-specified time period.


Using a number of the methods found in the AGI.Foundation.Navigation namespace, this desktop application generates Dilution of Precision and azimuth-elevation graphs, as well as ephemeris files, for user-configured GPS receivers and collections of satellites contained in user-selected almanac files.

GPS Communications Analysis

Using both the Communications and Navigation libraries, the Navigation Advanced Library models GPS signals and a multi-channel front end for a GPS receiver. All current GPS signals are modeled, and with this sample application, you can select the signal configuration, add jammers to see the effect on signal reception, and view carrier to noise density values, jamming to signal values and other signal and receiver metrics.

KML Tracking Demo

This web application demonstrates using Tracking Library to ingest a real-time data feed, perform analysis on it using DME Component Libraries, and generate a dynamic KML file containing both the data feed and analysis results for consumption in Google Earth or other KML-aware clients.


This application presents examples for many Insight3D and Tracking Library classes. Both the visualization and the source code for common tasks are shown.

Lots of Satellites

This application uses Sgp4Propagator to propagate up to 10,000 satellites, which are visualized in Insight3D using MarkerBatchPrimitive.

Communications Demo

This application uses the Communications Library to analyze and visualize a call between two locations over the Iridium constellation.

Numerical Propagation Demo

This application uses NumericalPropagator to propagate a satellite, which is then visualized using the MarkerGraphicsExtension and the PathPrimitive.

Cesium Demo

This application uses CzmlDocument to write out a CZML file that visualizes viewing times for the International Space Station from AGI headquarters.

Trajectory Optimization Demo

This application uses TargetedSegmentListParameterOptimizer to optimize a GTO to GEO three-maneuver transfer one iteration at a time. The iteration results are then visualized using MarkerGraphicsExtension and PathPrimitive.