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ILinkServiceGetOffsetToTransmissionTimeEvaluator Method

Gets an evaluator that, given a time at which something is received at the Receiver, evaluates the time at which it was transmitted by the Transmitter. The time is expressed as an offset from the input time.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Access
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Core (in AGI.Foundation.Core.dll) Version: 23.2.417.0 (23.2.417.0)
LinkDelayEvaluator GetOffsetToTransmissionTimeEvaluator(
	EvaluatorGroup group


Type: AGI.FoundationEvaluatorGroup
The group with which to associate the new evaluator. By grouping evaluators that are often evaluated at the same Julian dates, common computations can be performed only once for the entire group instead of multiple times for each evaluator.

Return Value

Type: LinkDelayEvaluator
The evaluator.
ArgumentNullException Thrown when group is .
Since the transmission time is before the reception time, this evaluator will always return a negative (or zero) duration.
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