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WaypointPropagatorGetEvaluator Method

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Public methodGetEvaluator

Gets an evaluator that can propagate at individual dates.

This evaluator propagates the orbit state. The result of evaluating will be a MotionT corresponding to the orbital state at the given JulianDate expressed in the propagator's ReferenceFrame.

Note: when evaluating with this evaluator, it may be more efficient to specify times using an arithmetically safe TimeStandard to avoid the need to convert in order to perform the propagation. The length of a time step may be different in different TimeStandards. So be careful when specifying times.

(Inherited from CartesianOnePointPropagator.)
Public methodGetEvaluator(EvaluatorGroup)
Gets an evaluator that can propagate the position of the path of a platform over time as it traverses the given collection of Waypoints using great arcs across the reference Ellipsoid shape model. The resulting evaluator will produce the Cartesian position for a given JulianDate within the range of the waypoint data represented by TimeInterval.
(Overrides CartesianOnePointPropagatorGetEvaluator(EvaluatorGroup).)
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