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TrackingArchiveTEntity Properties

The TrackingArchiveTEntity generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContext
Gets the context for which to archives entities.
Public propertyIsRunning
Gets a value indicating whether or not the archiver is currently archiving changes to entities in the Context.
Public propertyMaximumQueueLength
Gets or sets the maximum length of the queue of committed transactions to be archived. If transactions are committed at a higher rate than they can be archived, the length of the queue will grow. When it reaches this maximum length, committing threads will block until the archiver catches up. Setting this value too high will result in excessive memory usage. Changes to this value while the archiver IsRunning will not take effect until it is restarted.
Public propertyPrimitivePropertyComponents
Gets a list of the primitive components of the properties for this entity type. Each property in Properties will correspond to one or more properties in this collection. For example, a property in Properties of type JulianDate might have two properties in this collection: an integer called "Day" and a double called "SecondsOfDay". The exact relationship between Properties and this collection is dictated by the TypeArchivers being used by this archive.
Public propertyProperties
Gets a list of archived properties for this entity type. There is one property in this collection for each property in the entity's EntitySchemaTEntity.
Public propertyTypeArchivers
Gets the collection of TrackingTypeArchivers that is used to archive the properties of entities. The returned instance should be considered read-only. Attempts to modify the collection of archivers will result in an ObjectFrozenException.
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