Initial Settings | Simulator Setup | Output Options | Running the Simulation

The Attitude Simulator

The Attitude Simulator provides the means to define one or more integrated attitude segments for a satellite. A variety of configuration and setup options are available. These include the ability to control initialization, simulation, and post-processing through external MATLAB, VBScript, and Perl script files.

For further information on scripting for the Attitude Simulator, see Attitude Simulator Plugin Points .

To open the Attitude Simulator, highlight the satellite in the Object Browser and select Attitude Simulator... from the Satellite menu.

Initial Settings

The options for setting Time Period and Epoch as well as Initial Conditions are almost the same as for defining an Integrated Attitude file in the satellite's Attitude page. The following are the extra options:

  • To take account of a Momentum Bias, e.g., due to a spinning device within the satellite body, select Momentum Bias and enter the initial angular momentum values.

  • Use the default Reference Attitude (ECI) to define the initial conditions or click Select... and select another.

Simulator Setup

A row of buttons near the bottom of the Attitude Simulator window launches a series of popup windows. These enable you to set up various aspects of the simulation:

Button Function
Configuration... Select initialization, simulation, and post-processing files and setting parameters about their use by the simulator.
Integrator... Select and set parameters for the integrator to be used.
Advanced... Select certain run options.
Environment... Select and set parameters for the atmospheric density model to be used if applicable.

Output Options

The output of the simulation is an attitude (*.a) file. Enter the desired path and filename, or click the ellipsis (...) button to browse for an appropriate destination. If you select the 'Use for attitude definition' box, the simulated attitude will automatically insert into the satellite's attitude profile, overriding any basic or targeted attitude for the specified time period.

Running the Simulation

When you have finished setting up the simulation, execute it by clicking Run. Depending on selections you have made in the Advanced window, a progress indicator will appear and/or the scenario will animate during the simulation.

Clicking Apply or OK does not run the simulator; it merely saves the present settings.