Timeslot Definition

A timeslot definition is a window of time when a task may occur. STK Scheduler uses four different time constraint sources to determine a task's timeslots. All time constraints are intersected to determine the task's timeslots.

They are the:

  • Availability windows of each required resource
  • Scheduling Times of the task
  • STK report times (if applicable)
  • Imported File Window times (if applicable)

STK Scheduler attempts to produce a series of timeslots for each task defined. Each timeslot represents a window of time that they may be used for the task. When the deconfliction algorithm is run, it will choose which of the timeslots (if any) should be assigned to the task to produce an efficient schedule.

It is possible to define a task in such a manner that no timeslots will be created. If this occurs, review each of the four time constraint sources above to determine if any constraints may be relaxed.

Since timeslots are comprised in part of resource availability times, each timeslot has a specific set of resources, known as a possibility, that is uniquely associated with it. It is therefore possible that a task may have timeslots that overlap one another. Each overlapping timeslot will be associated with a different possibility.

The timeslots can be displayed on the Gantt Chart by ensuring that the Show Timeslots feature found on the View section of the Menu Bar appears checked.