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AGI.Foundation.Graphics.Renderer Namespace

Defines types that interface to the GPU that are independent of the underlying graphics API, such as OpenGL.
Public classTexture2D

A 2D Texture. A texture represents an image that is ready for use by objects such as primitives and screen overlays. Textures typically reside in video memory.

Use SceneManager.Textures to create textures.

Public structureTextureFilter2D
Represents filtering for a texture
Public structureTextureTemplate2D
Template object containing attributes required to create a 2D texture.
Public enumerationCullFace
Identifies whether front- and/or back-facing triangles are culled.
Public enumerationInternalTextureFormat
The format of individual texels in a texture.
Public enumerationMagnificationFilter
The filter used when the pixel being textured maps to an area less than or equal to one texel.
Public enumerationMinificationFilter
The filter used when the pixel being textured maps to an area greater than one texel.
Public enumerationRendererShadeModel
Identifies which shade model to use. The primitive can be drawn with a single color or multiple colors.
Public enumerationTextureWrap
Determine how to handle textures coordinates that fall outside of the range [0, 1].