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AGI.Foundation.Navigation.Advanced Namespace

Contains types used in GPS communications modeling.
Public classCommunicationAccessQueryCollection
A collection of NavigationReceiverAccessQueries used to determine navigation communications signal access across multiple NavigationReceiverChannels.
Public classGnssLinkBudgetScalars
Defines a link budget over time. This class defines additional Scalars and properties specific to GNSS analysis.
Public classGnssLinkBudgetScalarsCollection
A collection of GnssLinkBudgetScalars.
Public classGpsCommunicationsConstellation
Provides methods that create a constellation of GPS satellites with transmitters and antennas for use with a GpsCommunicationsFrontEnd.
Public classGpsCommunicationsFrontEnd
A communications-based antenna and navigation signal processing front-end for a GPS Receiver.
Public classGpsCommunicationsNoiseModel
Reports a noise value calculated from the receiver communications system for a given satellite, NavigationReceiverChannel pair.
Public classGpsSignalGenerator
Defines the necessary pieces for the generation of a GPS navigation signal.
Public classGpsSignalGeneratorCollection
A collection of GpsSignalGenerators.
Public classNavigationReceiverAccessQuery
Defines the queries necessary to track a GNSS navigation signal.
Public classNavigationReceiverChannel
Represents a single channel in a GPS receiver and contains the navigation signals from a single GPS satellite.
Public classNavigationReceiverChannelCollection
A collection of NavigationReceiverChannels.
Public classNavigationSignal
A navigation signal that is trackable by a GPS receiver.
Public classNavigationSignalCharacteristics
Defines specific details for GPS Signals.
Public classNavigationSignalCollection
A collection of NavigationSignals.
Public classNavigationTransmitterExtension
An extension that provides navigation transmitter capabilities.
Public interfaceIGpsCommunicationsReceiverConfiguration
An interface defining the required parameters for a GpsCommunicationsFrontEnd.
Public interfaceINavigationCommunicationsService
An interface providing navigation communications required data.
Public interfaceINavigationTransmitterService
An interface defining a navigation transmitter.
Public enumerationGpsSignalConfiguration
Standard receiver configurations. The primary frequency/code is listed first, the secondary listed second.
Public enumerationNavigationSignalPriority
Defines signal priorities for multiple signals in a NavigationSignalCollection. For dual frequency receivers, one signal is considered primary, the other secondary.
Public enumerationNavigationSignalTrackingType
Defines signal tracking types within a NavigationReceiverChannel.
Public enumerationNavigationSignalType
Types defining the different navigation signal configurations