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SceneManager Class

The static SceneManager class provides global properties and functionality that apply to all Scenes and thus affect the rendering of every Insight3D control. It also provides a Textures property for creating new textures, and controls the Time of all Scenes within an application. The Animation property and SetTime(JulianDate) method can be used to control Time. The Primitives and ScreenOverlays properties allow you to add Primitives and ScreenOverlays to all Scenes. To render these objects in specific scenes, see the SceneDisplayCondition class. To render all Scenes within an application, call the Render method.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Graphics
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Graphics (in AGI.Foundation.Graphics.dll) Version: 24.2.419.0 (24.2.419.0)
public static class SceneManager

The SceneManager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAnimation
Gets or sets the Animation class for controlling and rendering.
Public propertyStatic memberAntiAliasing
Gets or sets the multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) option for all Scenes. As the level of anti-aliasing increases, performance will generally decrease, but the quality of the anti-aliasing will improve.
Public propertyStatic memberFrameRate
Gets the FrameRate class, which can be used to keep track of how fast Scenes are being rendered.
Public propertyStatic memberGlobeOverlaySettings
Gets the GlobeOverlaySettings, which are used to set global settings for all GlobeOverlays.
Public propertyStatic memberPrimitives
Gets the PrimitiveManager, which is used to add Primitives to your Scenes.
Public propertyStatic memberScenes
Gets a read-only collection of Scenes that are associated with the SceneManager.
Public propertyStatic memberScreenOverlays
Gets the ScreenOverlayManager, which is used to add ScreenOverlays to your Scenes.
Public propertyStatic memberStereoscopic
Gets the stereoscopic options for all Scenes.
Public propertyStatic memberTextures
Gets the Texture2DFactory, which can be used to create textures from various sources.
Public propertyStatic memberTime
Gets the current time of all Scenes. To set the current time, use the SetTime(JulianDate) or SetTime(JulianDate, JulianDate) methods.
Public methodStatic memberRefreshEvaluators
Refreshes all evaluators used internally by Insight3D. It is necessary to call this method after making changes to definitional objects used by Insight3D in order for those changes to be reflected in the rendered scenes. For more information on evaluators, see the overview topic on Evaluators and Evaluator Groups topic.
Public methodStatic memberRender
Renders all Scenes within an application. To render a specific Scene, use the Scene.Render method.
Public methodStatic memberSetTime(JulianDate)
Set the current Time of all Scenes. If you know what the next Time will be, use the SetTime(JulianDate, JulianDate) method.
Public methodStatic memberSetTime(JulianDate, JulianDate)
Set the current Time of all Scenes, with a hint for what the next Time will be.
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