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Package Description
Contains commonly used types.
Contains types used in performing access calculations.
Contains types used in modeling constraints applied to the calculation of access.
Contains types for propagating an aircraft through various maneuvers subject to flight phase performance models and wind effects.
Contains types used in modeling characteristics of celestial objects and celestial phenomena.
Contains types used for defining graphical properties of definitional objects to be written out as CZML.
Contains less-often used types for generating CZML.
Contains types for representing electromagnetic signals and propagating them along communication links.
Contains types for representing antennas, defining gain patterns, and processing electromagnetic signals.
Contains types for representing communication hardware and processing electromagnetic signals.
Contains types for propagating electromagnetic signals along communication links.
Contains types for quantifying and converting between various coordinate representations.
Contains types for computing complex access calculations between many different objects simultaneously.
Contains types for computing statistical data on coverage calculations.
Contains types for expressing the motion of fundamental geometric objects such as points, axes, and reference frames; the manner in which they are related; and transformations between representations.
Contains types which define discretization algorithms and metadata for analysis of spatial geometry.
Contains types for representing geometric shapes such as curves, surfaces, and solids.
Provides commonly used and instantiated graphics types related to 3D scene management, terrain and imagery, and more.
Provides less commonly instantiated graphics types for the camera, mouse options, primitive options, and others.
Provides types for raster and image processing, and for writing JPEG 2000 files.
Defines types that interface to the GPU that are independent of the underlying graphics API, such as OpenGL.
Contains types which support various aspects of the STK Components infrastructure.
Contains types used to perform and manage calculations among multiple threads of execution.
Contains types useful in modeling navigation processes which utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS).
Contains types used in GPS communications modeling.
Contains types for representing processing of GPS communication signals.
Contains types for reading various navigation-related data file formats.
Contains types representing more detailed navigation-related models.
Contains general numerical algorithms.
Contains additional advanced numerical algorithms and supporting types.
Contains types used in modeling various mechanical platforms such as satellites, facilities, aircraft, etc.
Defines less commonly used types in modeling various mechanical platforms such as Satellites, Facilities, Aircraft, etc.
Contains types used in producing the state of an object from a known element set.
Contains types used to create more specialized propagation scenarios.
Contains types that perform radar system performance analysis.
Contains types for creating simple routes by specifying procedures at points of interest, how to connect them, and what height and speed to use along the route.
Contains types used to define immutable geometry and configuration for routes.
Contains types for modeling a trajectory in segments, where the type of propagation varies for each segment.
Contains types for interoperating with the STK desktop application and related data.
Contains types for stopping propagation when various events occur.
Contains types for reading and analyzing terrain data.
Contains types for quantifying and converting between various date, time, and time standard representations.
Contains types for acquiring, analyzing and archiving dynamic data, such as those found in real-time feeds or simulation environments.
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