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RoleOfForce Enumeration

An indication of how important a given force is in the overall composite force acting on a given object. Certain integrators will use this information to optimize the efficiency of evaluating the equations of motion during propagation of forces.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Celestial
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.OrbitPropagation (in AGI.Foundation.OrbitPropagation.dll) Version: 24.1.418.0 (24.1.418.0)
public enum RoleOfForce
  Member nameDescription
Principal Indicates that a particular force dominates the force resultant and is simple to compute. For instance, in orbital equations of motion, two body gravity is often the principal force and all others are perturbations.
Perturbation Indicates that a particular force is a perturbation added to the principal force (or in rare cases, principal forces). Such forces usually have a small effect on the overall force but can be expensive to compute.
Mixed Indicates that a particular force contains both a principal component representing the first-order effects and more complex perturbation effects. Usually, this role is treated as a principal force for most purposes but is intended to be broken into its components when creating evaluators.
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