Mission Control Sequence

The Mission Control Sequence (MCS) is the core of your space mission scenario. The MCS functions as a graphical programming language in which mission segments dictate how Astrogator calculates the trajectory of the spacecraft based on the general settings that you specify for the MCS itself.

When you select Astrogator as the propagator for a satellite object, the Orbit properties page transforms to a specialized layout in which you can define the spacecraft's MCS.

Astrogator appears dimmed in the propagator drop-down list box if you do not have at least an STK Premium Space license. Find out how to get a license in the licensing help section.

The left side of the MCS is represented schematically by a tree structure, which lists the segments that make up the MCS and depicts their relationships to each other. Above the tree is the MCS Toolbar, which contains buttons that perform various MCS and individual segment operations. By default, the MCS contains Initial State and Propagate segments that produce a low-Earth orbit. The right side of the window contains the parameters of the segment that is currently selected in the MCS Tree.

The MCS toolbar

The MCS toolbar contains buttons that enable you to define the MCS and perform related operations. The following table identifies each of the buttons on the toolbar. Click the name of a button to go to the Help topic covering its function.

Button Name
| Run Entire Mission Control Sequence | Run Only Changed Segments
Clear Graphics
MCS Options
Segment Properties
Display Log File
Add To Component Browser
Insert Segment
Delete Segment
Automatic Sequence Browser
Component Browser
Configure MCS Segment Propagators



Beneath the MCS Tree, you can click Results... to specify calculation objects for Astrogator to report and target for each segment. Clicking this button opens the User-Selected Results window, in which you can select calculation objects to include in the summary report for the currently selected segment and to target when defining a Differential Corrector Target Sequence profile. In addition to using the button, you can open the User-Selected Results window by right-clicking a segment and selecting Results... from the shortcut menu.

Initial and Final fields

The Initial and Final fields beneath the segment parameters area are clear for every segment in the MCS and serve the same purpose for each. The Initial field displays the scenario time and date at the beginning of the currently selected segment, while the Final field displays the scenario time and date at the end of that segment. If you did not run a segment yet, these fields are marked "Not Set" for that segment, since Astrogator determines these values only after the segment runs.