Astrogator Reports

In addition to the reports that can be created using the Report & Graph Manager available for any STK object, Astrogator can generate three special reports that provide information about the execution of MCS segments - the MCS Segment Summary, Astrogator Log File, and Differential Corrector Log.

Reports Within Astrogator

The following reports are produced and can be accessed entirely within Astrogator.

MCS Segment Summary Report

The MCS Segment Summary report provides run summary data for the currently selected segment in the MCS tree. The reported data includes the essential segment parameters (e.g., Delta-V for a Maneuver segment, Stopping Conditions for a Propagate segment, etc.), the state of the spacecraft at the beginning and end of the segment, the spacecraft configuration and additional data you have selected to be reported using the Results... button. User-selected results will be displayed at the end of the summary report under the "User-selected results" header.

If you generate a Segment Summary report for a Sequence, Backward Sequence, or Target Sequence, it contains summary data for each of the segments within the sequence.

To generate an MCS Segment Summary report for a segment, select it in the tree and then click Summary (), or right-click the segment and select Summary... from the pop-up menu.

To select a different coordinate system for the report, use the Segment Properties window.

Astrogator Log File

The Astrogator Log file is a global file to which target sequence run history data is appended. The file displays results from each step of each differential corrector in each target sequence, including the partial derivative matrix. The file name stems from the satellite name (e.g. Satellite1_Log.txt) and you cannot change it.

You can display the Astrogator Log file by clicking Display Log File ()in the MCS toolbar.

Differential Corrector Log

The Differential Corrector log is a log that holds information for each iteration for previous runs of the differential corrector. It is not properly a report, but we mention it here to help avoid confusion with the Astrogator Log File, discussed above. To generate the Differential Corrector log, you must enable logging in the MCS Options window, and for each Target Sequence that you wish to have logged. To learn more about the Differential Corrector log, refer to the help section about the Target Sequence segment.

Report Styles Special to Astrogator

The following report styles, special to Astrogator, are available for use with the Report & Graph Manager.

MCS Ephemeris Segments

This report shows which Astrogator segment produced each interval of ephemeris.

MCS Summary

This report provides the same information as the MCS Segment Summary Report, described above, for the entire MCS.

Maneuver History

This report shows the fuel consumption history of the Maneuver segments in the MCS that have been run.

Maneuver Summary

This report shows a summary of the Maneuver segments in the MCS that have been run.

Astrogator Values

Astrogator Values is a Data Provider that allows you to generate reports on Calc Object values, as a function of time. Each Calc Object contained in the Component Browser is available for use, including user defined Calc Objects. This data provider is available for all STK vehicle objects.