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AGI.Foundation.Graphics.Advanced Namespace

Provides less commonly instantiated graphics types for the camera, mouse options, primitive options, and others.
Public classAGIProcessedImageGlobeOverlay
A GlobeImageOverlay for handling AGI Processed Image (PDTTX) files.
Public classAGIProcessedTerrainOverlay
A TerrainOverlay for handling AGI Processed Terrain (PDTT) files.
Public classAGIRoamImageGlobeOverlay
A GlobeImageOverlay for handling ROAM (TXM/TXB) files.
Public classCameraSnapshot
Takes snapshots of the 3D window.
Public classCameraVideoRecording
Records the 3D window to either a movie file or to consecutively ordered image files each time the Scene is rendered.
Public classCentralBodyGraphicsIndexer
An indexer into the CentralBodyGraphics for a particular CentralBody, which provides graphical properties such as showing or hiding the CentralBody in the Scene, and working with terrain and imagery for the specified CentralBody.
Public classCustomImageGlobeOverlay
A GlobeImageOverlay that allows for a user defined image to be specified.
Public classDragDropOptions
Options for configuring automatic handling of supported files when they are dragged and dropped onto the Insight3D control. To disable automatic handling of dropped files, set the AutoHandleDragDrop property to . The DragDropHandled event is raised when a supported file was dropped and handled by the control.
Public classForwardAndBackwardAnimation
The base class for animation classes that can animate both forward and backward.
Public classForwardAnimation
The base class for animation classes that can animate in the forward direction.
Public classGeospatialImageGlobeOverlay
A GlobeImageOverlay for handling JPEG 2000 (.jp2), ECW (.ecw), ECWP, and MrSid (.sid) image formats in the WGS84 geographic projection.
Public classGlobeOverlay
The base class of all TerrainOverlay and GlobeImageOverlay objects.
Public classGlobeOverlaySettings
Settings used by GlobeOverlay objects. These setting affect all scenes.
Public classLighting
Lighting in the 3D scene.
Public classMinimalForwardAnimation
A minimalistic animation class.
Public classMouseOptions
Options for configuring automatic handling of mouse input for controlling the scene's Camera. To disable automatic handling of the mouse, set the AutoHandleMouse property to false. If you want to disable just certain mouse buttons, use the HandledButtons property or the SetHandledButtons(MouseButtons, Boolean) method to turn off handling of individual buttons.
Public classPathPrimitiveUpdatePolicy
A class that encapsulates the update logic for a PathPrimitive. Derived classes must implement the Update(PathPrimitive, JulianDate) method.
Public classProjection
A Projection represents a simplified camera with a Position, Orientation, and FieldOfViewHorizontal and FieldOfViewVertical. Unlike a real world camera, Projection has a nearest and farthest viewing distance, as defined by the NearPlane and FarPlane properties. For example, Projection can be used to represent a UAV's camera, to allow for projecting video onto terrain. See the Raster and Projection Streams topic for such an example.
Public classProjectionStream
A Projection that is updated dynamically at the specified UpdateDelta. The class can be used to stream projection data to Projection clients, like ProjectedRaster. Note to Implementers: When implementing a derived class of ProjectionStream, you must provide an implementation for the Update method.
Public classSceneGlobeOverlaySettings
Settings used by GlobeOverlay objects. These settings only affect the scene.
Public classScreenOverlayCollectionBase
The common base class for collections of overlays held by ScreenOverlay and by ScreenOverlayManager.
Public classStartedEventArgs
The EventArgs passed to the started event.
Public classStkTerrainServerTerrainOverlay
A TerrainOverlay that loads terrain terrain data from an STK Terrain Server, or any server that provides the STK Terrain Server Public REST API. This can be a server on the internet, your local network, or your local machine.
Public classTexture2DFactory
A factory for creating Texture2D objects from various sources.
Public classTile
Contains the information for a GlobeOverlay tile.
Public classTiler
Specifies a cartographic tiling scheme for a CustomImageGlobeOverlay object.
Public classTranslucencyHelper
Contains helpful methods for working with colors and translucency.
Public classTriangulatedSensorProjection
A SensorProjection that has been triangulated for rendering. In order to minimize memory allocations, an instance of this class can be re-used for multiple projections. Each time that UpdateFromNewProjection(CentralBody, Cartesian, SensorProjection, Int32) is called, the triangulation is updated.
Public classVisualEffects
Controls various post processing effects that can be applied to the scene.
Public structureBoundingSphere
A sphere that encapsulates an object.
Public structureScreenOverlayPadding
The padding by which all child overlays will be offset from the edges of the parent.
Public structureScreenOverlayPoint
Describes the position of a screen overlay.
Public structureScreenOverlayRotationPoint
The origin of rotation of a ScreenOverlay.
Public structureScreenOverlaySize
Describes the size of a screen overlay.
Public interfaceIScreenOverlayContainer
The interface for screen overlays that contain a collection of other overlays. This interface is implemented by ScreenOverlayManager and ScreenOverlay.
Public enumerationBlendingEquation
The operation that will be used when combining the source and destination values during blending.
Public enumerationBlendingFunction
The operation that will be used when computing the source and destination values that will be used during blending.
Public enumerationCameraSnapshotFileFormat
When using CameraSnapshot or CameraVideoRecording to save a snapshot to a file, this specifies the file format.
Public enumerationCameraVideoFormat
When using CameraVideoRecording to record a video, this specifies the file format.
Public enumerationConstrainedUpAxis
When setting the Camera'sAxes, this defines which axis of the axes is up in screen space, where up is from the bottom to the top of the screen.
Public enumerationGlobeOverlayRole
The role of a GlobeOverlay.
Public enumerationIndicesOrderHint
An optimization hint optionally provided to a primitive'sSetPartial method to enhance performance.
Public enumerationMaintainAspectRatio
Specifies whether the aspect ratio of a texture will be maintained during sizing of a screen overlay.
Public enumerationMapProjection
The projection of the pixel data returned from a CustomImageGlobeOverlay.
Public enumerationMarkerBatchRenderingMethod
Rendering methods available for use by the marker batch primitive. Different methods may have different performance characteristics and require different video card support. When in doubt, use Automatic.
Public enumerationMarkerBatchRenderPass
The pass during which the marker batch is rendered.
Public enumerationMarkerBatchSizeSource
Determines which marker batch property is used to size each marker in a marker batch.
Public enumerationMarkerBatchSortOrder
The order in which markers in a marker batch are sorted before rendering.
Public enumerationMarkerBatchUnit
The unit for marker sizes in a marker batch.
Public enumerationMessageLoopType
Indicates the type of message loop in use by the application.
Public enumerationModelTransformationType
Transformation types that define the way a ModelTransformation changes the geometry of the ModelArticulation it is associated with.
Public enumerationOrigin
Vertical and horizontal origin.
Public enumerationPathPrimitiveRemoveLocation
Represents the location of a point to be removed.
Public enumerationPrimitivesSortOrder
The order in which primitives are sorted before rendering.
Public enumerationProjectedRasterRenderPass
The pass during which the projected raster is rendered.
Public enumerationRefreshRate
The rate at which animation frames will occur.
Public enumerationRenderPass
Describes when a primitive will be rendered. Some primitives need to be rendered during or at a certain time. For example, translucent primitives need to be rendered after opaque primitives to allow proper blending. These values can be logically ored together when a primitive should be rendered in more than one pass.
Public enumerationRenderPassHint
An optimization hint optionally provided to a primitive'sSet method to enhance performance when per-position colors are used.
Public enumerationScreenOverlayOrigin
Specifies the origin of a screen overlay, as well as the direction of the horizontal and vertical axes. The origin specifies both the origin in the parent overlay's coordinate system and the origin within the overlay itself that is positioned.
Public enumerationScreenOverlayPinningOrigin
Specifies the origin of the PinningPosition of the screen overlay, as well as the direction of the horizontal and vertical axes for that pinning position. The pinning origin specifies the origin of the pinning position in the overlay's coordinate system.
Public enumerationScreenOverlayUnit
A unit specifying how a screen overlay is sized and positioned relative to its parent.
Public enumerationSimulationAnimationCycle
Defines the next animation time that will happen when the start and end times are reached.
Public enumerationSurfaceMeshRenderingMethod
Rendering methods available for use by the surface mesh primitive. Different methods may have different performance characteristics and require different video card support. When in doubt, use Automatic.
Public enumerationVisibility
Result of a visibility test, such as testing if a sphere intersects a frustum.