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The STK Util library contains objects and enumerations shared by the STK X and STK Objects type libraries. The types provided by STK Util are used indirectly through methods and properties in the STK X and STK Objects libraries.


AgCartesianClass used to access a position using Cartesian Coordinates.
AgCartesian2VectorA 2-D cartesian vector.
AgCartesian3VectorA 3-D cartesian vector.
AgCROrientationAzElAzEl orientation method.
AgCROrientationEulerAnglesEuler Angles orientation method.
AgCROrientationOffsetCartOrientation offset cartesian.
AgCROrientationQuaternionQuaternion orientation method.
AgCROrientationYPRAnglesYaw-Pitch Roll (YPR) Angles orientation system.
AgCylindricalClass defining cylindrical position.
AgDirectionEulerEuler direction sequence.
AgDirectionPRPitch-Roll (PR) direction sequence.
AgDirectionRADecSpherical direction (Right Ascension and Declination).
AgDirectionXYZCartesian direction.
AgDoublesCollectionA collection of doubles.
AgExecCmdResultCollection of strings returned by the ExecuteCommand.
AgExecMultiCmdResultCollection of objects returned by the ExecuteMultipleCommands.
AgGeocentricClass defining Geocentric position.
AgGeodeticClass defining Geodetic position.
AgOrientationAzElAzEl orientation method.
AgOrientationEulerAnglesEuler Angles orientation method.
AgOrientationQuaternionQuaternion orientation method.
AgOrientationYPRAnglesYaw-Pitch Roll (YPR) Angles orientation system.
AgPlanetocentricClass defining Planetocentric position.
AgPlanetodeticClass defining Planetodetic position.
AgPositionThe Position class.
AgPropertyInfoCollectionProperty Information Collection coclass.
AgRuntimeTypeInfoRuntime Type info coclass.
AgSphericalClass defining spherical position.


IAgCartesianIAgCartesian Interface used to access a position using Cartesian Coordinates
IAgCartesian2VectorRepresents a cartesian 2-D vector.
IAgCartesian3VectorRepresents a cartesian 3-D vector.
IAgConversionUtilityProvides conversion utilities.
IAgCylindricalCylindrical Position Type.
IAgDateProvides helper methods for a date.
IAgDirectionInterface to set and retrieve direction options for aligned and constrained vectors.
IAgDirectionEulerInterface for Euler direction sequence.
IAgDirectionPRInterface for Pitch-Roll (PR) direction sequence.
IAgDirectionRADecInterface for Spherical direction (Right Ascension and Declination).
IAgDirectionXYZInterface for Cartesian direction.
IAgDoublesCollectionRepresents a collection of doubles.
IAgExecCmdResultCollection of strings returned by the ExecuteCommand.
IAgExecMultiCmdResultCollection of objects returned by the ExecuteMultipleCommands.
IAgGeocentricGeocentric Position Type.
IAgGeodeticIAgGeodetic sets the position using Geodetic properties.
IAgLocationDataBase interface IAgLocationData. IAgPosition derives from this interface.
IAgOrbitStateInterface to set and retrieve the coordinate type used to specify the orbit state.
IAgOrientationInterface to set and retrieve the orientation method.
IAgOrientationAzElInterface for AzEl orientation method.
IAgOrientationEulerAnglesInterface for Euler Angles orientation method.
IAgOrientationPositionOffsetInterface for defining the orientation origin position offset relative to the parent object.
IAgOrientationQuaternionInterface for Quaternion orientation method.
IAgOrientationYPRAnglesInterface for Yaw-Pitch Roll (YPR) Angles orientation system.
IAgPlanetocentricPlanetocentric Position Type.
IAgPlanetodeticIAgPlanetodetic sets the position using Planetodetic properties.
IAgPositionIAgPosition provides access to the position of the object
IAgPropertyInfoProperty information.
IAgPropertyInfoCollectionThe collection of properties.
IAgQuantityProvides helper methods for a quantity.
IAgRuntimeTypeInfoInterface used to retrieve the properties at runtime.
IAgSphericalSpherical Position Type.
IAgUnitPrefsDimProvides info on a Dimension from the global unit table.
IAgUnitPrefsDimCollectionProvides accesses to the global unit table.
IAgUnitPrefsUnitProvides info about a unit.
IAgUnitPrefsUnitCollectionProvides access to the Unit collection.


AgEAzElAboutBoresightAbout Boresight options for AzEl orientation method.
AgECoordinateSystemEarth-centered coordinate systems for defining certain propagators.
AgEDirectionTypeDirection options for aligned and constrained vectors.
AgEEulerDirectionSequenceEuler direction sequences.
AgEEulerOrientationSequenceEuler rotation sequence options:
AgEExecMultiCmdResultActionEnumeration defines a set of actions when an error occurs while executing a command batch.
AgEFillStyleAvailable fill styles.
AgELineStyleAvailable line styles.
AgELogMsgDispIDLog message display options.
AgELogMsgTypeLog message types.
AgEOrbitStateTypeCoordinate types used in specifying orbit state.
AgEOrientationTypeOrientation methods.
AgEPositionTypeFacility/place/target position types.
AgEPropertyInfoValueTypeThe enumeration used to determine what type of property is being used.
AgEPRSequencePitch-Roll (PR) direction sequences.
AgEYPRAnglesSequenceYaw-Pitch-Roll (YPR) sequences.
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